IPS Global Peatlands and Peat Industry Summit 2018 

Rotterdam, the Netherlands 
10 September 2018 

In response to an increasing concern about the use of peat at an international level by peatland managements, the International Peatland Society (IPS) organized a Global Summit for top executives of major peatland and peat companies that rely upon peatland and/or peat products for a significant part of their business. The Summit was held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands on Monday September 10, 2018, immediately prior to the IPS 50th Anniversary Jubilee Symposium on 11-13 September.

Most presentations and abstracts of the IPS Global Peatland and Peat Industry Summit in Rotterdam on 10 September can now be found on the site of the International Peatland Society.

By facilitating this meeting between international policy advisers and peatland and peat company executives, IPS feels that executives will obtain a better understanding of the environmental sustainability procedures. Also, they will become more aware of the emerging and direct effects of international governance policies, environmental protection requirements and how these can affect their businesses. 


It is the intention of the IPS to provide an international forum for the top management of peat and peat products industries, peatland management companies for forestry or palm oil production and others. These managers will be informed by senior representatives about the International Conventions about Agreements, Programs, regional regulations and rules (e.g. EU), providing insight into how these measures influence National and regional government policies regarding access to and management of peatlands, as well as the use of peatlands and peat globally.

The Summit is a perfect place to share knowledge about peatlands that are being used by peat industries globally and industry requirements until 2050. 


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