Discover and develop talent!

This conference is an ending as well as a new beginning. The ending of the international Erasmus+ program Talent Education, a new beginning of The Leiden Approach 2.0.

In the past three years we have broadened and deepened our knowledge on finding and developing talent together with our local and international partners. Often, but not always, this involved cognitively talented students and young gifted children. After three years of gaining experience we have found that many of the elements that are good for gifted children and students, are also important for other talents. We want to share all these ‘good practices’ with you. 

The Leiden Approach is in the middle of a transition to a broader vision of Talent. Farid Tabarki - founder and director of Studio Zeitgeist, author of the book "The End of the Middle". How to come from a prosperity driven society to one aimed at human well-being. And what value do you want to add?

What's in it for you?

During this conference you will be inspired by fascinating speakers who will shed light on various perspectives on talent and talent development. You have worked with colleagues on your own education. And you have the chance to enlarge your network.

For whom?

This congress is interesting for everyone involved in education. In particular for pedagogical staff of pre-school education, teachers from primary and secondary education and for policy makers, administrators and directors.