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Monday  18/06/2018   Paper/activity   Author(s) 
10:30 Coffee Arrival and welcome  The organizers
11:00 FT

A Trace-Based Performance Study of Autoscaling Workloads of Workflows in Datacenters

Laurens Versluis, Mihai Neacsu and Alexandru Iosup
11:30 FT Yardstick: A Benchmark for Minecraft-like Services Jerom van der Sar, Jesse Donkervliet and Alexandru Iosup
12:00 FT POSUM: A Portfolio Scheduler for MapReduce Workloads Maria Voinea and Alexandru Iosup
12:30   Lunch  
13:30 ST The Apertif Monitor for Bursts Encountered in Real-time (AMBER) auto-tuning optimization with genetic algorithms Klim Mikhailov and Alessio Sclocco
13:50 ST Track Reconstruction with Cellular Automaton: a Performance Engineering Case-study in HEP Julius Roeder, Roel Aaij, Ana Varbanescu and Gerhard Raven
14:10 ST SAT Simplification on GPU Architectures Muhammad Osama and Anton Wijs
14:30 ST Experience Report: Automating Experimental Setup and Data Management Merijn Verstraaten
14:50 ST Approximate-based FPGA Configuration Memory Vulnerability Factor Mahsa Mousavi, Hamid Reza Pourshaghaghi, Mohammad Tahghighi and Henk Corporaal
15:10    Coffee break  
15:40 ST ECSched: Efficient Container Scheduling on Heterogeneous Clusters Yang Hu, Huan Zhou, Cees De Laat and Zhiming Zhao
16:00 ST A Blockchain-based Micro-Economy of Bandwidth Tokens Martijn de Vos and Johan Pouwelse
16:20 ST Real-time Money Routing by Trusting Strangers with your Funds Martijn de Vos and Johan Pouwelse
16:45   Panel: Career Choices  
18:30   Dinner @ Hotel restaurant  
20:30   Pub Quiz @ Hotel bar  
9:00 FT Large Scale Stream Analytics using a Resource-constrained Edge Roshan Bharath Das, Gabriele Di Bernardo and Henri Bal
9:30 FT Delta Pointers: Buffer Overflow Checks Without the Checks Taddeus Kroes, Koen Koning, Erik van der Kouwe, Herbert Bos and Cristiano Giuffrida
10:00 FT GuardION: Practical Mitigation of DMA-Based Rowhammer Attacks on ARM Victor van der Veen, Martina Lindorfer, Yanick Fratantonio, Harikrishnan Padmanabha Pillai, Giovanni Vigna, Christopher Kruegel, Herbert Bos and Kaveh Razavi
10:30    Coffee break  
11:00 Keynote Programming networks Paola Grosso
12:00 ST CloudsStorm: An Application-driven Framework to Enhance the Programmability and Controllability of Cloud Virtual Infrastructures

Huan Zhou, Yang Hu, Cees De Laat and Zhiming Zhao


ST Lunch  
13:30 ST Towards using Program Dependency Graphs for plagiarism detection in Python Thomas Schaper and Ana Varbanescu
13:50 ST Maintainable Production: Mapping Quality Change to Developer Contributions Michael Olivari
14:10 ST Unit test generation using machine learning Laurence Saes, Joop Snijder and Ana Oprescu
14:30 ST A rule-based process management system for the customer service domain Gerben van der Huizen
14:50 ST

Language-independent volume measurement

Edwin Ouwehand


15:10   Social event  
18:30   Dinner  
9:00 Kenote Large-Scale Graph Processing for Network-Driven Insights in Finance and Economics Frank Takes
10:00 FT The Graphalytics Ecosystem: From Competitions to Performance Analysis Ahmed Musaafir, Tim Hegeman, Wing Lung Ngai, Alexandru Uta and Alexandru Iosup
10:30 Coffee    
11:00 FT A Beginner's Guide to Estimating and Improving Performance Portability Henk Dreuning, Ana Lucia Varbanescu and Roel Heirman
11:30 FT A Jungle Computing approach to common image source identification in large collections of images B. van Werkhoven, P. Hijma, C.J.H. Jacobs, J. Maassen, Z.J.M.H. Geradts and H.E. Bal
12:00 FT Towards HPC and Big Data Convergence: a Graph Processing Study on Intel Knights Landing Alexandru Uta, Ana Lucia Varbanescu, Ahmed Musaafir, Chris Lemaire and Alexandru Iosup
12:30   Lunch  


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