This year's CompSys will feature a panel on Career Choices. The format is simple: a few senior researchers will answer your questions related to your future steps in your career. 

The panelists are: 

Dr. Corina Stratan, TopDesk 

Dr. Jan Rellermeyer, TUDelft 

Dr. Clemens Grelck, UvA

Dr. Anton Wijs, TU/e  

Prof.dr. Rob van Nieuwpoort, NLeSC & UvA 

Prof.dr. Henri Bal, VU 

The panel will start with a brief introduction from each panelist (3-5 minutes), and 1 piece of advice for the audience. We estimate this will take about 25 minutes. Next, we will open the floor for questions from the audience. 

We accept questions online (click here!) and live. 

Every question from the audience (up to 3 per person) will be awarded a small prize! 

Please join us in a useful and interactive discussion about (y)our careers.

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 conference registration