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Welcome to Methods for Big Data in Official Statistics

The seminar 'methods for Big Data in Official Statistics' will take place on 4 and 5 October 2018 at the Brightland Smart Services Campus in Heerlen (Limburg), the Netherlands.

In an era of datafication, new methods are required to deal with the volume and specific characteristics of large unstructured (big) data. This seminar brings together academics and scientists of different disciplines to find ways to deal with these new data and tackle methodological challenges. The aim of the seminar is to exchange knowledge and to stimulate research on the use of big data for statistical estimates with validated and reproducible methods. The conference accepts a maximum of 60 to 100 participants with a format of workshops with ample room for discussion.

Keynote speakers Gordon Pipa (Osnabrück University, Institute of Cognitive Science) and Michel Dumontier (Maastricht University, Institute of Data Science) will be sharing their vision joined by a European presence of big data experts.

The seminar is jointly organized by the Methodology Department and the Center for Big Data Statistics (CBDS) of Statistics Netherlands in combination with Brightlands.

About the venue

Brightlands Smart Services Campus is a revolutionary institute consisting of brilliant researchers and educators, innovative entrepreneurs, and companies leading the field in human resource management and smart services. Together they will comprise one of the world’s leading locations for smart services.

It offers the latest R&D and knowledge infrastructures, on-campus education, science-oriented business support, and business development services.

Brightlands Smart Services Campus combines a scientific and business ecosystem with labs that merge innovation and expertise—all in a single strategic location. This makes it a unique place where innovative startups and existing corporations, forward-thinking knowledge institutes, brilliant researchers, students, and visionary investors can work together.

We look forward to see you at Brightlands Smart Services Campus in Heerlen!