"EIT Health Ideation Event"

EIT Health Belgium Netherlands would like to invite you to the second of three EIT Health Ideation Workshops on 7 and 8 November 2018 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

The Ideation Workshop is open to all EIT Health partners and stakeholders who would like to develop impactful EIT Health projects linked to the following two Focus Areas:

  • “Employer leadership in improving health outcomes in the workplace”
    From workplace to health place – EIT Health will deliver improved healthcare to employees and consequent financial benefits to employers, by going beyond the traditional expectation of employer responsibility for health in the workplace.
  • “Foster healthy lives by introducing behavioural change”
    From dealing with disease & disability to healthy lives – EIT Health will supply tools & incentives to citizens to modify their way of life, to prevent early onset of ageing, disease and disability, and to profit from more years in health and wellbeing. EIT Health will focus on providing opportunities especially to children, and other vulnerable or marginalised groups in society.

Who should attend the Ideation Workshop?

Representatives of EIT Health partners, in particular those with specific expertise in the above mentioned Focus areas and/or with the intention to initiate a project or activity in one of these Focus areas (core, associate, network partners) and who fall into the following categories are welcome to join:

  • Need owners, e.g. hospitals, cities, payers
  • Product owners, e.g. corporates, startups
  • Knowledge owners, e.g. academic researchers

Attendees will be joined by start-ups and a variety of stakeholders and players in the health innovation ecosystems (e.g., patient representatives, payers, regulators, HRM specialists; public health specialists, behavioural scientists, business mentors …).

What can you expect from the Ideation Workshop?

  • Inspiring talks by high-profile speakers
  • Active participation in guided group discussions leading to project ideas for future EIT Health calls for proposals
  • Live feedback from a variety of stakeholders on the project ideas as they develop throughout the workshop

Ample opportunity to network, inform yourself about current EIT Health activities and facilities to share your ideas for new EIT Health activities.


event registration made easy
 event registration made easy