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Aesthetic Orthodontics and the Lifetime Patient

The VTvO conference day consists of two sessions with a total of 4 presentations; two in the morning and two in the afternoon. These sessions very uniquely connect restorative dentistry, aesthetics, function and orthodontics and is backed up by long case follow ups and will benefit dentists, specialists and the whole team. It has the potential to change the way dentists approach all their patients and the options they offer. The sessions will make you look at things differently and apply a strategy to patients over a lifetime versus just treating them from day to day.


Tif Qureshi



First Session

Straightening teeth is not just an aesthetic treatment because teeth continue to move throughout ones’ life, so all patients with even mild anterior crowding are at risk of increasing crowding, occlusal instability and uneven wear. Tif will talk about how simple anterior tooth alignment, combined with bleaching and bonding, can be one of the most minimally invasive ways of improving smiles in a more progressive ethical way. As a result it has become a treatment every General dentist should be able to offer and critically be able to pick what and what not to chose.

The lecture will cover the basics for simple tooth alignment planning, orthodontic examination and records, consenting patients with techniques in orthodontic digital analysis and planning, space creation and the most reliable retention methods as well as long term follow up. Tif will cover the use of Inman Aligner and Clear Aligners. 

The concept of Progressive Smile Design (PSD) through ABB (alignment, bleaching and bonding) can mean that any dentist in any practice can offer safe, aesthetic patient-led treatments for many more patients than the traditional approaches.


Learning objectives to understand:

o    Assessment, diagnosis and planning: Know the protocols and planning of simple tooth alignment

o    Inman Aligner, Clear Aligners 

o    Case selection: what to treat and what to refer, working with your orthodontist

o    IPR Retention

o    The process of Edge bonding 

o    The practical use of Align bleach and bond in interceptive restorative dentistry


Second Session

There are many solutions to the treatment of tooth wear, such as using porcelain veneers or crowns for local treatment or even full mouth rehabilitation. While large scale ceramic treatments might be life-changing for some people, for many they can be argued as destructive over treatment and a lack of focus on simpler, less expensive treatments means that many patients are not offered these options because dentists are simply unaware of them. The lecture will also focus on intercepting diagnosing these cases earlier, looking at inter-canine widths, anterior guidance, envelope of function, constricted chewing patterns, differential tooth wear and being able to correct this with Orthodontics and Restorative dentistry. 


Learning objectives to understand:

o  Understanding the importance of Anterior Orthodontic Occlusal Planning through digital control

o  The Dahl Principle In Ortho step by step: Natural and Assisted Equilibration

o  Treating patients over the lifetime-observing wear and functional change: Intercepting with ortho-restorative long term case management

o  Envelope of function and constricted chewing patterns