14 February 2019



about Love, Sex and Relationships

In cooperation with Toneelgroep Maastricht

Thu 14 February, 20:00
Radium Building, Toneelgroep Maastricht, Lage Frontweg 2a

Marijke Naezer, PhD
Cultural Anthropologist, Radboud University Nijmegen

Peter Bos, PhD
Neuroendocrinologist, Utrecht University

LET’S TALK is a new programme in which we not only give the floor to experts, but we also challenge the audience to speak up and interact. In a lively and relaxed setting we address issues of (student) life: relationships, career, love, health, stress, party life, engagement, etc. Have a drink, listen, talk and sharpen your thoughts and opinions.

Since 14 February is Valentine’s Day, the first LET’S TALK is about love, sex and relationships. We seem to live in an era full of possibilities. We have a smartphone full of potential partners in our pocket. Open relations and polyamory are in the lift, our idea of sexual consent is changing and romanticism seems to disappear since consumerism in love prevails. With #MeToo it becomes clear which sexual behavior is healthy or unhealthy and meanwhile we discuss the crisis of the man and the sense or nonsense of gender-neutral toilets or language. Does this lead to a transformation of behavior in the field of love, sex and relationships? Is this era so much different than before? What role does social media play in the sexual development of young people? Can we control our behavior, or is it mainly a chemical process in our brain, when we fall in love?

Two experts shine a light on these developments and issues and discuss them with the audience. You are also invited to participate in a game set-up in which you talk about the different topics one on one. 
Peter Bos tells us how love works: how our hormones influence our brain, and thereby alter emotional regulation, social sensitivity, and empathic behavior. Marijke Naezer investigates how Dutch young people with different backgrounds perform sexuality in social media.

This programme is linked to the theatre play Noem het maar Liefde (in Dutch), that has its première on Sunday 10 March: www.toneelgroepmaastricht.nl