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Pioneering and Fresh Expressions of Church in a European Context

All around Europe people are reflecting on fresh expressions of church, a movement towards developing new Christian communities which in the Netherlands is called “pioneering.” Some European countries are starting out on this journey, whereas in other countries fresh expressions are well established and reaching many who are not within the reach of inherited forms of church.

Several churches from all over Europe have shown interest in the exchange of experiences and insights at a European wide level. The pioneering support team of the Protestant Church will support a three-day conference to consider the implications of fresh expressions on our inherited church structures, theology and practices. We also will create a forum for sharing our learning from developing fresh expressions in a variety of contexts.

The conference is organized jointly by the Protestant Church in the Netherlands and the Council for World Mission (CWM).

Date: 17-19 June 2019, we would encourage people to plan their travel to arrive on 16 June so that there is a full day’s programme on 17 June. Accommodation will be arranged for 16 June.

Venue: The workshops will be held at the main offices of The Protestant Church in the Netherlands (Joseph Haydnlaan 2a, Utrecht). Accommodation will be at the IBIS Hotel (Bizetlaan 1, Utrecht) which is just a 5 minute walk from the main offices of the Protestant Church.

Recruitment: We invite those who are involved with the development of national policy and strategy for mission in their church and those who have experience in facilitating local fresh expressions of church. In total we plan to have 20-50 participants.

Program: In the attachment you can find the program of the conference.

In the program two sessions are scheduled for introduction of ourselves and our contexts. All representatives from different denominations get this opportunity. (After you subscribe for the conference, you will get more information about the way it is done.)

Some other sessions are planned to explore chosen themes. In the attachment you can find an overview of six possibilities. We ask all participants to chose the three themes you prefer to explore.

You can make your preferences known by sending an email to Maarten Atsma or through the subscription form.

Finance: Participants are asked to contribute 150 euro. The remaining costs are financed bij CWM and the Dutch Protestant Church.

Subscription can be done through the following link: www.aanmelder.nl/105852

We hope to meet and get to know you in 2019! We are convinced that the exchange between European contexts will strengthen the movement of new missionary initiatives.


Welcome! For more information:

Anneke van der Velde - Coördinator learning community for pionieers

a.vandervelde@pkn.nl - +31 (0)6 52680894

Maarten Atsma  - Coördinator learning community for pionieers/ project leader European Conference

m.atsma@pkn.nl - +31 (0)6 15149271

Wayne Hawkins - Deputy General Secretary, Programme



event registration made easy
 event registration made easy