As the finale for our Circular Economy & Business Innovation minor, The
Hogeschool Rotterdam is hosting an activity-filled afternoon to
exchange knowledge on circular economy research and projects.
We welcome all to join in on the conversation at the nexus of education,
research and practice!


The Circular Economy Field Lab

The Circular Economy Field Lab at the Hogeschool Rotterdam is a nexus of research, education, and the business environment. Every year it facilitates a Circular Economy & Business Innovation minor in which students from a variety of educational programs learn the ins and outs of circular economy. The main aspect of the minor are the fieldlab projects, in which students work together with companies to solve their questions on the implementation of- or opportunities in circular economy. 


The Circular Harvest event

On January 17th, 2019 the Circular Harvest event is organized in the national “Week of the Circular Economy” to promote the topic, stimulate new collaborations, and present the research findings of the minor students. The event is organised from 12:00 - 17:00 at the Kralingse Zoom location. 

The program includes keynote speaker Hans Stegemans, Head of Research & Investment at the Triodos Bank. Furthermore, expect to see exhibitions, take part in interactive student-led workshops, and network with free drinks and snacks. Students, (circular) businesses, and anyone else enthusiastic about the topic is invited to take part in this event.