Business Booster - Value Creation in the Next Economy


The truth is the current model is not sustainable, on any level. We need to transform the way we consume so we can live within our planetary boundaries, improve governance to ensure transparency, and accelerate the transition to a just and decarbonized economy”.
(Paul Polman, CEO Unilever)

If we want a world that’s worth living in, we need to transform our businesses towards smart circular business models. The Business Booster programme is all about value creation in the circular economy.

We believe this is the biggest economic opportunity since the last industrial revolution. It is nothing less than turning our industrial production system upside down for the first time since the 19th century. Following the guidelines of the Sustainable Development Goals, we go from linear make-take-waste industries with growing CO2 emissions into smart, decarbonized circular business models based on reuse and access instead of ownership.

You can find change everywhere. Right in front of your doorstep at a circular local beer brewery, at a Dutch private office furniture business that develops leasing offerings, at a global real estate company that is significantly reducing the CO2-footprint of buildings, or at the Spotify of high-end clothing, “rent the runway”. What they all have in common? They apply circular business models with integrating technology.

The Rotterdam region (MRDH) has developed a vision for the future. To meet the challenges of the shifting geopolitical powers, climate change, technological revolution and the depletion of our natural resources, the region has formulated a plan called the “Roadmap Next Economy”. Inspired by the ideas of Jeremy Rifkin, the region has envisioned 5 “paths” for the transition to the next economy.

Two of these will be the main focal point of the Business Booster Programme:

* Smart digital delta 

* Circular economy

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