25 March 2019



Maastricht Young Academy presents Ionica Smeets 

Numbers Don't Lie

Monday 25 March, 16:00
La Bonbonnière, Achter de Comedie 1

Why is your house probably cheaper than the average house in your neighborhood? What caused a sudden spike in murder rates? And why do you have a higher probability of drowning when you are wearing a life jacket? Numbers don't lie, but they are quite good at concealing the truth. In this interactive theatre lecture Ionica Smeets shows you how easily you can be fooled by numbers with surprising real life examples, weird mathematical paradoxes and specially made animations. 

This lecture is organised by the Maastricht Young Academy of Maastricht University, which has invited the well-known mathematician and professor of science communication, Ionica Smeets, to speak. She writes books and columns for the Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant, makes photo comics for New Scientist together with Ype Driessen and presents popular scientific television programmes.