01 April 2019



Research Ethics and Integrity

Monday 1 April 2:00
Karl Dittrich Hall, Bonnefantenstraat 2

Prof. Klaas Sijtsma
Professor of Methods of Psychological Research, Tilburg University

Diederik Stapel is a former professor of social psychology. In 2011 Tilburg University suspended Stapel for fabricating and manipulating data for his research publications. This scientific misconduct took place over a number of years and affected at least 55 publications. The discovery of his fraud caused heated discussions in the Netherlands. His successor as dean of the Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Sijtsma, uses the Stapel case as a basis for the question of where things go wrong and how ethics and integrity of scientific research can be promoted and incorporated.

The new UM Platform of Research Ethics and Integrity of Maastricht University is collaborating with Studium Generale on organising public events like this lecture. For this lecture we invite UM staff, in particular, to discuss their views and standards, but others are welcome too.