Round Table Conference "from opinion to measurement" 

Traditional project management (PM) results are often disappointing in practice. Worldwide research shows that more than 80% of the projects are not delivered on time, within budget or with poor customer satisfaction [source: Standisch Group 2014b].

The question is therefore, which approach does contribute to a better project result? How do we work together with suppliers? What role can purchasing play in simplifying project management done by the Client.

In short, what does project management look like in the future? We will discuss it during a Round Table Conference hosted at Air France-KLM in Amstelveen.

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Interesting speakers including Dr. Dean Kashiwagi [founder of the Best Value Approach], Dr Jan van de Poll [owner Transparency Lab and author about Automated consultancy] give their vision on project management.

During this afternoon you will also discuss a number of cases with a maximum of 15 other participants from other organizations in two interactive workshops. You will learn from each other and are able to answer afterwards questions such as:

  1. Can a project have multiple outcomes?
  2. Can purchasing simplify client project management by using the suppliers expertise?
  3. What is the impact of control related to team performance?
  4. What do we measure and how is transparency increased?
  5. How will data and AI [Artificial Intelligence] influence the role of the project manager?
  6. Answers to practical questions and advice on managing projects. Participating in interactive sessions with a small group of 15 participants will create a maximum knowledge exchange.


Who will you meet

This Round Table Conference is organized for professionals and experts who are involved in purchasing and project management. The participants are a mix of buyers, project managers and program directors who strive for successful projects [on time, budget and high customer satisfaction]. 


Benefits in attending this event

  1. In a short time you will have new insights in project management
  2. Avoiding mistakes through experiences of others
  3. Maximum learning with other participants
  4. Meet other professionals
  5. This Round Table Conference is an afternoon where you get new insights in PM models. Sign up now.


Speakers & Organizers

Dr. Dean Kashiwagi

Prof. Dr. Dean Kashiwagi was a professor of the Performance Based Studies Research Group ( for 20 years at Arizona State University.

Over the past 20 years, he has developed the theory behind the Best Value Approach [BVA]. He is an international speaker and has more than 150 publications to his name, based on more than 2000 projects which were executed following the Best Value Approach. 

Dr. Dean Kashiwagi is an inspiring speaker with a lot of PM knowledge. He will apply simple logic and common sense which will change your view about relationships between client and vendors, creating a different perspective.

Dr. Jan van de Poll 

Dr. Jan van de Poll has worked and lived in Italy, Singapore and in the US [Silicon Valley]. He worked at various employers including BearingPoint, IBM, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Philips. Currently he is managing director at Transparency Lab and has a PhD in artificial intelligence [AI] for organizational transformations. Dr. Jan van de Poll Is specialized in Automated consultancy and gives his vision on project management in the future.

Pascal Evertz

He researches the role of purchasing on project management in a Doctor of Business Administration [DBA] study at Skema business school in Lille [France]. In doing so, he studies the relationship between identifying expertise in the purchasing process and its impact in the execution phase of a project. Pascal acquired a broad purchasing knowledge over the past 20 years. He is since 2012 A+ certified in the Best Value Approach and joined in 2018 as a member of the certification board of the Performance Based Studies Research group.

Fred Bons

Fred believes in "Better projects for a better world". A strong and personal faith, which came to him in the summer of 2014 after a visit to the IPMA World Congress in Rotterdam in 2014. He provides a fascinating workshop during the Round Table Conference where he discusses what does and doesn't work in project management. Fred has 30 years of experience in IT, almost 25 years of experience in project, program and portfolio management and almost 15 years in line management. This enables him to quickly assess complex situations and act accordingly, without 'losing' the people involved. He has proven to be successful in managing complex projects in both the public and private sector.

Vincent Heijman

Vincent works over12 years at Air France-KLM and is involved in many innovative projects. This means he needs to explore new methods of working to create more successful project teams. This is most of all exciting. Riskmanagement is done by identifying and utilizing expertise. Finding experts who can pre-plan and create transparency during project execution. Driving efficiency and continious improvement. And that by itself gives him the drive and energy. Vincent will be hosting an workshop with Pascal Evertz and explain to maximize project results applying the Best Value Approach in the clarification and execution phase.

Isaac Kashiwagi [PHD candidate]

Isaac has taken upon themselves the mission to spread the Best Value Approach all over the world. He is committed to helping organizations adopt this approach to become more successful and profitable. He worked individually with each client to make sure that he is adding value to their businesses. He works because he loves what he do. Nothing brings him more happiness than to see their clients succeed! KSM Inc. has consulted and educated over 10,000 professionals since 2000. Isaac will be hosting a workshop explaning the importance of dominant information (metrics).

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