Date of video calls: Tuesday Feb 12
Sign- up deadline: Friday Feb 8, 7 PM

Dear (aspiring) entrepreneur, 
We'd like to invite your team to the HackWeek video calls! Please book a time slot before Friday, Feb 8
th, 19:00 hrs. 


The set-up of the call (15 min total):

  • Team & Skills
  • Motivation & Commitment
  • The Case
  • The program
  • Any questions you have for us

Your jury: a Shell GameChanger expert and a YES!Delft expert. 

Please be on time for your call, but DO NOT enter the meeting room before your time slot as another team will be doing their call. Also, please turn on your camera.

Any questions? Email Rachelle Leerling at
Talk to you on Tuesday, February 12. Good luck!




event registration made easy
 event registration made easy