"EIT Health / ICHOM workshop"

EIT Health Belgium-Netherlands would like to invite you to the EIT Health ICHOM Workshop on 3 May in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Workshop Value Based Healthcare – On the Road Together

After two intensive days and lots of new knowledge EIT Health Belgium-Netherlands offers you a workshop to translate your emerging ideas into concrete steps. We will create an interactive environment where you can meet future partners in innovation, key stakeholders in Value Based Healthcare and organsations that will foster your ambitions. We believe that ICHOM and EIT Health share more than the I of Innovation and the H of Health!

Who should attend the Workshop?

Representatives of EIT Health partners, in particular those with specific expertise in Value Based Healthcare. Attendees will be joined by a variety of stakeholders and players in the health innovation ecosystems (e.g., patient representatives, payers, specialists; public health specialists, behavioural scientists).

What can you expect from the Value Based Healthcare Workshop?

  • Active participation in guided group discussions
  • Live feedback from a variety of stakeholders on ideas
  • Ample opportunity to network, inform yourself about EIT Health activities and facilities to share your ideas for new EIT Health activities.

Join us on Friday 3 May!


event registration made easy
 event registration made easy