How to get there

Attending The ICHOM meeting at location "De Doelen"? We will pick you up from the meeting point at the entrance of De Doelen.

Are you arriving at Schiphol Airport (=Amsterdam Airport)?

Please take the INTERCITY DIRECT from Schiphol airport to Rotterdam Central Station. The Intercity direct is a faster way to travel between Schiphol and Rotterdam Central Station. There are two trains per hour, with extra rush hour trains from Monday to Friday. To travel on the Intercity direct, you must buy a ticket PLUS a supplement.

You can buy your tickets plus supplement already online and send the tickets to your e-mail. Or you can buy it at the yellow ticket machines at Schiphol airport:

Buy your ticket online:

Offline you can buy the tickets at the yellow ticket machines with the blue overhead sign reading ‘traintickets’ at the airport. The ticket machines are located near the platforms at Schiphol Plaza. You need a buy a normal ticket from Schiphol to Rotterdam Central Station. On the machine there is also a button to buy the supplement for the INTERCITY DIRECT.

Tickets are also available from the Ticket- and Service desks, which are situated close to the red/white-checked cube at Schiphol Plaza. Staff at the desk will also be able to provide you with train departure information and general information on travelling by train in Holland.

You need to checkin before and after your journey. You can check in with your ticket at the checkin station (YELLOW) next to the machine where your buy the ticket and check in your supplement at the location where the train arrives and departs (below Schiphol airport) at again a checkin-station.

For more information:

Are you arriving at Rotterdam Airport?

How do you get to the Rotterdam Central train station (less than one minute next to Engels / CIC, our event location?

When you walk outdoors from the central hall at Rotterdam Airport, go immediately to your left. After 50 metres, you will find the bus stops. RET bus line 33 travels to Rotterdam Central Station and to Metro Station Meijersplein. From Meijersplein station, you can get to Rotterdam Central Station via RandstadRail in 7 minutes, and to The Hague Central Station in 27 minutes.

You will find the taxi stand directly in front of the exit from the airport terminal building.

event registration made easy
 event registration made easy