Ambassadors May, June, July 2019

Ambassadors May, June, July 2019

Ambassadors May, June, July 2019


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Welcome to the registration tool, to register to help during upcoming events!

The Labor Market Communications team organizes events for several target groups. The Technology Promotion program is for students from elementary and secondary school. Our Campus Promotion activities are related to students at (technical) universities and for professionals. As an ambassador you may choose events from one (or both) programs to help us!

I would like to help out during the following events and/or activities:
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Guest Lessons

School Visits @ ASML

Lunch Lectures & dinner

Excursion Days & Events

Job Fairs

Based on the registrations, the Event Desk will select ambassadors for each event. It might happen that we have to disappoint you or ask you if you mind to help at another event, but we will do our utmost to take all your preferences into account. 

Ambassadors who have been selected for an event will receive an invitation for the event in their Outlook Calendar.

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to

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 workshop registration