Future Green Energy Mix: Challenges and Opportunities
Investment Seminar: Monday 3 June, 2019

To comply with the Paris Agreements, renewable sources (offshore wind and solar) are to play an increasing role in supplying Europe with energy. There will be less focus on natural hydrocarbon resources. But a major challenge will be to balance supply and demand. Which breakthrough technologies will need to be scaled up to enable this transition? And how will today’s dominant players in the energy market interact with new business models and solutions? Breaking down barriers and learning from different sectors can help accelerate the transition and part of the process will involve utilizing innovations in the digital domain. What can fast tracking technologies like AI, Big Data and the IoT add to the transition? And are traditional investors willing to help mature new business models. During the seminar, you will hear from key figures and learn about the opportunities.

The Netherlands and The Hague: new energy on a global scale The Netherlands and The Hague have an impressive track record in the energy sector, which goes back to the establishment of Royal Dutch Petroleum Company in 1907. The Hague has become a hub for the planning, execution and coordination of energy rollout on a global scale. This in turn has created a thriving energy cluster where operators, engineers, investors and knowledge institutes all work together. With an up and coming regional network of innovators, facilitators and consortia in the field of digital connectivity, cybersecurity and smart industry, The Hague is ready to continue its role as a breeding ground for new concepts in energy.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Chris van Voorden, Innovation Quarter
Bas Schot, The Hague Convention Bureau
Laurens Kok, The Hague Business Agency



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