You are invited to present your research and get feedback on your work by submitting your abstract.  Selected abstracts are to be presented during a poster promenade. 
In addition to this poster promenade 4 abstracts will be selected for a 15 minutes oral presentation (in English) in the main Science Day program.

The best poster will receive the GROW Poster Award 2019.

Abstract submission deadline; Monday October 28, 12:00.
Confirmation of poster promenade acceptance; November 11.
Confirmation of oral presentation; November 11.

Please add an extra header text to your abstract, indicating how your research connects to the Science Day theme ‘Getting the Patients Perspective’
Abstracts will be accepted in English only.
Abstracts will not exceed one page.
A template abstract file is available here
Please indicate if your poster will be in portrait or landscape format; portrait is highly preferred.
You can mail your abstractfile to;