24 September 2019



about Your Body and Beauty Standards

Tue 24 September, 20:00
SNS Community Store, Petrus Regoutplein 3


Jessica Alleva, PhD
Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience, UMThomas Gültzow, MA
PhD Student at the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences, UM


Over the past couple of years, a new hashtag has become a trend on social media: #bodypositivity. This movement campaigns for a more inclusive and diverse representation of bodies. Influencers take a stance against fat shaming and skinny shaming, calling for a respectful relationship with other bodies and yourself. No need for a beach body (male/female/transgender/intersex) – you already have one!

In this programme, we talk about the struggle to hack contemporary beauty standards and find out whether there is room for diversity. What does it mean to love your own body? And can body positivity be relevant for all sexes?