Dear CAPHRI colleagues,

I cordially invite you to the 2019 edition of the CAPHRI Research Day. Our yearly event where we can meet, share and learn. This year’s topic is Living Labs: co-creation in the region.

CAPHRI’s aim is to create a healthy society for everyone. Our way of doing this is to connect research and practice. In so-called Living Labs researchers work together with regional care organisations, policy-makers, practitioners and citizens to increase the relevance of research for society. During this year’s Research Day CAPHRI's 5 Living Labs will be in the spotlight.

Plenary session
You will get to know the 5 Living Labs and their role as linking pin between care and public health research and the citizens in our region.

Living Lab Workshop sessions
Each Living Lab offers a workshop to give you insight in the methods and models they use to increase societal impact and teach you how you can use this in your own research.

Poster session
Selected PhD-candidates will show and pitch their work to the CAPHRI community.

Societal Relevance Workshop sessions
During the afternoon sessions we will offer several workshops on how to increase and demonstrate the societal relevance of your research. For example a workshop on "How to make professional videos with your Smartphone", on "Co-creation tools" or on "Communicating your research results to media audiences".

Support staff workshop
A magician will show you that even the impossible is possible, also at work. You will be amazed!

Award ceremony
And of course, we are excited who will win one of the awards (Dissertation Award, Societal Relevance Team Award, Public Poster Award and Jury Poster Award).

The official language of the Research Day will be English (except for “De Verwondersessie”)

The Research Day will take place at the beautiful Château St. Gerlach in Valkenburg.
You can find the full programme here. Registration is possible until 19 November.

Let's meet at the CAPHRI Research Day!


Prof. Maurice Zeegers
Scientific director CAPHRI