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FieldEngineer is a global on-demand workforce for the telecom & system support industry. The platform enables businesses to hire engineers beyond their reach on-demand, on-budget. FE is a powerful platform designed to eliminate the hurdles of finding the qualified talent on-demand worldwide. FE is proving to be an indispensable global Freelance marketplace.

With the rising demand of engineers into telecom sector for remote & freelance projects, FieldEngineer is paving the path towards technology that enables businesses to connect with the specific engineers. 

The best way to think about the on-demand business model is to consider Uber or a similar service. That’s a classic example of the on-demand business model where a company has entered the market, disrupted an existing industry and solved the issues that customers previously had. In a nutshell, that’s what the on-demand business model is.

Specifically, this is a model where customer demand is fulfilled by delivering immediate goods and services. The on-demand economy has a number of different features that need to be understood before you can utilize this in your business model.

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