Young Universities for the Future of Europe (YUFE): ten young universities and four non-academic partners from the non-governmental and private sector. Together, the YUFE partners will establish one of the first true European Universities. YUFE is one of just 17 alliances of European universities selected by the European Commission, through a competitive procedure, to develop and implement the first models for a European University.

We aim to transform European higher education by establishing the leading model of a student-centred, open and inclusive European University. In this way, YUFE makes Europe-wide higher education a reality for local and international students of all backgrounds. It enables them to create their own curriculum and maximises impact of all universities in the alliance. In YUFE, learning in the classroom goes hand in hand with the development of soft and professional skills via internships at local businesses and governments; the direct experience in interdisciplinary and intersectoral teams of researchers, entrepreneurs and citizens solving local and European challenges; engagement in the local communities of the YUFE cities and the mutual support and enrichment with the local citizens.