03 March 2020



Storylab Coaching Maastricht
Storytelling workshop

TUE 3 MARCH, 13:00

Kaleido, ‘t Keldertje, Landbouwbelang, Biesenwal 3

(Entrance around the back:  walk along the Maas from Nautica Janssen. There will be coloured fairy lights hanging outside to welcome you)


Storylab coaching is for all levels of storytellers, from beginners to professionals, and is taught through experiencing. We work with structured feedback rounds, in which the listeners and storytellers share their experiences. In this way, we delve deeper into the story and storytelling skills, while allowing each teller to learn at their own speed. The role of the coach is to give you practical tools based on the feedback you receive.
The method has been developed to create a safe environment that allows for the vulnerability that storytelling requires. We need both listeners and storytellers, so if you don't have a story to bring, but still want to learn, do come along!


Your Storylab coach is professional storyteller and storytelling coach Xina Mercken (aka Storytrooper).


This event is organized by Kaleido, Studium Generale and Storytrooper.

Please note: This event is for students only.

"I often struggle with feedback and criticism, but here I didn't, it felt safe because everything was about the story, not me." – Annelena

"I'm surprised how much I learned even though I didn't tell a story myself." – Kerem