Solar Building Elements Application Testing





Since mid 2013, the lower section of the Vertigo Building has been the foundation for an outdoor research facility for so-called building-integrated solar energy: SolarBEAT (Solar Building Elements Application Testing). SolarBEAT is a collaboration between TU/e and TNO (ex-SEAC - Solar Energy Application Center).

The outdoor research at SolarBEAT serves several purposes:

  • In close collaboration with the project team that contains a.o. architects, builders, developers, and installers, we further improve existing solar products or find opportunities to develop new innovative products.
  • We determine the performance model based on high quality measurement data, measured 24/7 from calibrated equipment. This is essential for a sound business case and can be crucial before market introduction.
  • Together we showcase the solar product to potential customers.

SolarBEAT is equipped with the highest standard weather station and a dense network of sensors for irradiation, temperature and energy yield. Moreover, SolarBEAT also has a full installation for solar thermal research with buffer tanks, flow controllers and many sensors. All sensors are synchronized and stored in a central database server. Access of data is professionally organized in such a way that confidential and project-specific data never gets mixed up with public data or data of other projects.

Are you interested in using SolarBEAT to help you developing your innovative solar energy product towards a successful market introduction? Please contact us!


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