Due to the developments with the COVID-19 outbreak in the world, we took the decision to postpone the Exchange Academy. All registrations will be automatically transferred. We are busy planning a new date. Pre-register here to stay updated!

Knowledge in the field of x-linked hypophosphatemia is in an accelerating phase. We invite you to trace the path in XLH from childhood to adulthood together at the Exchange Academy in Amsterdam, 4 June 2020. The path will lead you to a new perspective and enhanced care for XLH patients.

Guided by a faculty of experts from across Europe, this EXCHANGE Academy will facilitate discussions of the most recent developments in our understanding of the disease, including its pathophysiology and diagnosis, as well as new therapeutic strategies. A mixture of interactive sessions will offer a clinical perspective and provide you with the chance to meet, engage and share experiences in XLH management with your colleagues.  

Please contact us when you have any questions about the Exchange Academy or XLH related topics via medinfo-nl@kyowakirin.com.

Kind Regards,

Kyowa Kirin Benelux Medical Affairs Team
On behalf of The Steering Committee 

dr. N.M. Appelman-Dijkstra - LUMC
dr. A.M. Boot - UMCG
prof. dr. E. Levtchenko - UZ Leuven
prof. dr. M.C. Zillikens - Erasmus MC


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 event registration made easy