Whatever profession you choose to follow, sustainability has become an important criteria in many fields. There is a need and demand for various professionals to have an understanding or background in sustainability; from lawyers to entrepreneurs bridges have to be built between disciplines. 🌱

You are hereby invited to attend monthly seminars with professionals working within the field of sustainability. This is an opportunity to learn from their experiences, to hear their struggles and successes, and a chance to pose your questions!


Seminar Series on Sustainability Professionals #4:
"Sustainability Transitions & Transformative Change"

This month, we are delighted to welcome Jan Rotmans, a very inspiring professor of transition and sustainability studies to our Seminar Series!
Jan Rotmans is a socially engaged scientist, with more than 200 publications in the field of climate change & global change modelling, sustainable development, and transitions and system innovations.

Boldly Jan Rotmans keeps telling people that it is not enough merely to study or identify trends and shifts in society. As a progressor, he manages to translate theories of transition into concrete action and advice for businesses, governments and organizations, both at home and abroad. Taking issues beyond the level of thinking and talking, he pursues actual social change and greater respect for the human dimension in a new order. To this end, he set up different organizations – ICIS, Urgenda, DRIFT, Nederland Kantelt and Zorgeloos – aimed at translating transition theory into practice.

We are finding ourselves in times of transitions - and we are excited to learn from this passionate and rebellious scientist who is engaged in actual practices to speed up transitions and sustainability!

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