15 June 2020

Our Sustainability Challenges:
Climate Change, Health, and Animal Wellbeing

Monday 15 June, 19:30
Webinar via Zoom

Our dominant current socio-economic and political systems have become decoupled from the larger ecology of life, and our relationship with our natural environment and the animals within has changed dramatically. This has led to various outbreaks of vector-borne and zoonotic diseases – with COVID-19 as the hard lesson learned (or not?). Pim Martens, Professor of Sustainable Development at Maastricht University, will discuss the complexities and connections between our own well-being and that of the animals with whom we live, and global environmental changes like climate change and biodiversity loss.

About the speaker
Prof. Pim Martens is passionate to bring about the needed sustainable change in our relationship with nature and the animals we live with. This professor of ‘Sustanimalism’ has a PhD in applied mathematics, is a scientivist, and integrates scientific knowledge with animal advocacy.

More about Pim Martens:
www.pimmartens.com; www.animalwise.info