15 September 2020


Student Life in Times of COVID-19


Muziekgieterij, Boschstraat 5 (entrance at the back)

2020 has been a rocky ride so far. After a hack, that led to inaccessible online learn- ing environments and some study delay, in March 2020 the Covid-19 pandemic can- celled all of your social life. Online teach- ing, online exams, but most importantly: no parties, social drinks, dating, clubbing with friends and spontaneous drinks after class. International students were not able to travel home or return home after a semes- ter abroad. Although Covid-19 seems to be harmless to youngsters, all of us had to stay inside. Which parts of the online classes do you consider an improvement? How does this crisis effect your dreams and ambitions for the future? What is the impact of the economic crisis on interna- tional student life?

Together with experts and you, the audi- ence, we will explore these topics and share our experiences of the past couple of months.

LET’S TALK is a programme in which we not only give the floor to experts, but also challenge the audience to speak up and interact.