22 September 2020



Urban Planning in the Anthropocene

Auditorium, Minderbroedersberg 4-6

Floris Alkemade
Rijksbouwmeester (government architect of the Netherlands)


The Anthropocene is the hypothetical name given to the modern era. The influence of mankind on our environment is so big that we can no longer imagine the world without it and neither is it reversible. Although we may not fully realise it yet, this also has consequences for how we live in the near future.

In his lecture, Floris Alkemade will talk about urban development, sustainability, circular material flows, renewable energy and efficient transport systems, which will turn that vulnerable organism The City into a more robust structure that is grafted onto the rapidly changing climate.

Floris Alkemade is Rijksbouwmeester (government architect). In 2018 he was awarded the ‘architect of the year’ award.

This lecture was part of the side programming of the exhibition Landscape as Cult. A changing view on our nature at Bureau Europa, which was closed down early due to Covid-19.

This programme is curated in collaboration with Bureau Europa, Platform voor Architectuur & Design in Maastricht.