The in-depth group conversation for students takes place on Friday 25 September 2020 between 9:30 and 12:00.
The moderators are Liza Mügge, Kim van Gennip and Malou Sprinkhuizen, supported by Iris Kingma.
Read the information below first for more information about the conversations and the use of data (also downloadable as pdf). Consent is requested for the collection and processing of data from the in-depth discussions by the Social Safety Taskforce.
Informed consent in-depth group conversations with the Social Safety taskforce
General information
The Social Safety Taskforce was established in September 2019 by the Executive Board to develop recommendations for an integrated approach to increase staff and students’ social safety, and in order to act as a catalyst for improvements in policies and workplace habits. The Social Safety Taskforce is charged with advising the Executive Board on the improvement of policy in relation to social safety. The taskforce consists of seven members from various departments and faculties in the university.
In-depth group conversations with employees and students
The taskforce aims to gain insight into processes at the UvA which may threaten the social safety of employees and students. The Taskforce spoke in the autumn of 2019 among others to deans, student counsellors, unit directors, directors of operational management, the chief diversity officer, the ombudsperson, Amsterdam United, student council and works council and the PhD council. The academic community consists of many more people with different insights and experiences. For this reason the Taskforce organizes in-depth conversations with employees and students. The target groups are employees, such as the academic staff (with or without research time), support and management staff, PhD students, supervisors and ACTA/AMC patient care employees, as well as students (Dutch and international). The Taskforce organizes twelve conversations with between six and twelve participants in total. In July 2020  there was a pilot conversation. The eleven conversations remaining take place in September and October 2020.
Students and employees who want to share their perspective on social safety with the Taskforce but do not want to participate in group conversations can share their view in writing. You can find more information on the webpage of the Taskforce Social Safety. 
Goal of the in-depth interviews
The goal is to
a) gain an understanding of the various perspectives surrounding social safety at the various levels of the university.
b) identify what needs and problems exist in relation to social safety.
c) obtain greater insight into the culture with regard to social safety.
Format of the group conversations
As participant you are part of one online group conversations on social safety for 2,5 hours. The approach taken to the in-depth group conversations with employees and students will be based on the methodology of focus group discussions.
Participation and selection
Preferably, one employee / student per department participates in a conversation at the same time. With more registrations per department, we select based on the order of registration.
Which data will be collected from the participants
We ask for your name, email address, department, job category and faculty (if applicable). This data will be used for the purpose of maintaining contact and putting together mixed groups. The conversations are recorded.
How the data will be processed
1. The conversations will be transcribed from an audio recording and anonymised, so that the data cannot be traced back to individual persons.
2. In addition to insights from existing scientific research and conversations with other members of the organisation, insights from these conversations will be used to formulate policy recommendations for the University of Amsterdam.
Retention period: All data collected from the in-depth conversations will be removed at the latest within four weeks after completion of the Social Safety Taskforce’s recommendations.
Who will carry out the research
Members of the Social Safety Taskforce supported by a project officer and a student-assistant.
Contact person for participants and contact details
Project officer Iris Kingma via
Possibility to cancel or end participation in the interview
Participants can at any time revoke their consent and end their participation in the in-depth group conversations without giving reasons. This can be done by sending an email to project officer Iris Kingma via
Consent form
The Social Safety Taskforce handles the data collected from the conversations and data required for the organization and processing of the conversations with due care. Consent is requested from of all participants for this purpose. If you, as a participant, do not give your consent, you will not be able to take part in the in-depth conversation.
The Social Safety Taskforce asks for the participant’s consent for:
The collection and processing of his or her data;
- For the collection and processing of the data gathered from the conversations for the Taskforce’s aforementioned purposes.
- In order to maintain contacts with participants regarding the conversations and with interested parties who have registered for upcoming conversations.
- For the collection of data from the conversations by means of audio recordings.
- Sharing the final deliveries of the Taskforce to participants by email.
The archiving of the data;
- Consent forms will be removed at the latest within four weeks after completion of the Social Safety Taskforce’s recommendations. All data collected from the in-depth interviews will be removed at the latest within four weeks after completion of the Social Safety Taskforce’s recommendations.
Foreseeable risks
The Taskforce organisation adheres to the principles of data minimisation and anonymity, as well as endeavouring to minimise the number of parties involved in the collection and processing of the data. Because the conversations will be conducted in groups, complete anonymity and confidentiality cannot be guaranteed. Chatham House Rules apply. We will, in other words, ask each of the participants to treat what has being said during the conversations confidential. We will ask participants not to reveal to identity or affiliation of any of the other participants to people who did not take part in the conversation.
The opportunity to exchange views about social safety at the university.
The opportunity to share your own perspective regarding what needs changing on social safety at the UvA.


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