Loansystem and Basicsholarship

Dear student,
The first week of the semester has passed and it is now time for other important things. We hope that the study you chose is to your liking. (If it is not the case, there may be possibilities of change but for that, we need your help!)
Just as promised, here the invitation to our first event. To cut to the point: we will talk about the study loan system within the Netherlands. With this topic in mind, we are busy setting up a theme evening consisting out of guest speakers and a ‘discussion’ between students and the guest speakers. As this will be an informal evening, there will be some beers and cola and, of course, time to discuss other things that come up.
We AIM HIGH. There will be a board member of the national student union LSVb, FNV United (an also strong opponent of the present loan system) and a guest speaker of a political party. Who that is and which party that person belongs to we keep secret for now.
During that evening is intended to: getting to know different unions and parties that can influence Dutch politics, learning about the opinion of students and spreading awareness of their needs, and, of course, to meet new people, have a few drinks and a good time!
If you are interested in participating in this event, please let us know such that we can take appropriate corona-related measures. You can do so by accepting or declining the invitation. If you ignore this message, we will assume that you will not participate. The amount of participant will affect the location of the evening, and thus, is not given yet. However, it will be held in Delft.
Date: Thursday 1 october, time: 19:30 - 21:30.
eenvoudig evenementen organiseren
 eenvoudig evenementen organiseren