09 November 2020



Live (limited number of attendees) and live stream via website

Four More Years?
What the US Elections will bring

Auditorium, Minderbroedersberg 4-6

Laila Frank
Political scientist, journalist and expert on the US

On 3 November, the 59th United States presidential election will take place. Are these elections different from previous ones? What does the outcome of the presidential election change for the American people? Will it be four more years of Trump or will it be President Biden? Is the country as divided as it is portrayed and if so, can the rift be healed?

Journalist Laila Frank has lived and worked in the US and travelled it extensively over the last four years. She will take you on a journey across the States and discuss the race, the outcome (if we even know the outcome on November 9th), the possible consequences for the US and the world, and the way forward.