Online Impact Cafe 
No material to waste!
Thursday November 12

Start: 7.00 p.m.
* this event will be hosted in English

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About the theme
A circular economy is defined by an economic system of closed loops in which raw materials, components and products lose their value as little as possible, renewable energy sources are used and systems thinking is at the core. When creating something circular designers will look at the type of material and use the product to its best ability. The more a product is modified, the more it will cost. Biomimicry is a great example of sustainable design. How can we apply the 'Marie Kondo method' of minimalism? During this Online Impact Café we will discuss the pro's and cons of circular design. 

Key note speakers

Teacher: George Hlavacs
George is an Research & Design professional and teaches industrial product design at Rotterdam University of Applied Science.

Entrepreneur: Pablo Groglopo
Pablo is Design Strategist specialized in Circular Innovation at Generous Minds. He believes that more Systems Thinking should be brought at project Level in order to challenge goals and unlock opportunities to the so-called wicked problems, being working for 10 years in one: FMCG Packaging. Pablo will share his experience and thoughts around how the Circular Economy should not be assessed by materials or energy flows only but is driven by value being shared.

Alumni: Ilse Kremer 
Ilse is a fashion/textile designer & bio designer. She recently graduated from Willem de Kooning Academy based in Rotterdam with a bachelor in Fashion Design. Ilse will share her graduation project ‘Fabulous Fungi’. Click here to learn more about Ilse.

About the Impact Cafe
BlueCity & Rotterdam University of Applied Science organise the Impact Café every second Thursday of the month. It is an informal get-together that connects students, teachers and entrepreneurs. Every month we discuss a different topic related to circularity. 

Online Impact Cafe
Due to COVID regulations we now host the Impact Cafe online. After registering you will receive a link to the Zoom locaton.

Our mission
The Netherlands will be circular in the year 2050. At least, that's the plan! Today's society still deals with raw materials in a very wasteful manner. BlueCity was founded as a circular example city for entrepreneurs. Located in an old swimming pool next to the Maas river, more than 40 companies are working on a circular economy. Examples of this are; oyster mushrooms grown on coffee grounds, soap from residual flows, without palm oil or plastic packaging. Stop by for questions and answers, and connect with us for internship opportunities, graduation themes or perhaps your first job. You are always welcome for just for some inspiration as well!

We are always looking for motivated students who want to contribute to the Impact Café or its organization. Interested? Send an email to

Read more about the partnership between RUAS and BlueCity here (in Dutch)