An upright canister vacuum or a cordless stick one?


Science and technology are constantly developing so that many types of equipment are designed every day in order to satisfy customers’ needs. This too goes for vacuum cleaners. According to the vacuum cleaner rating of customers and experts, there are two kinds that are most prefered on the market. However, which one is better? Will you choose an upright canister vacuum or a cordless stick one for your family? Every choice has its own advantages and disadvantages, and today, we’ll show you the differences between these two vacuum types. We hope you will find some helpful reasons to buy the most suitable one for yourself.


1. Reviews about canister vacuum


Firstly, when talking about an upright canister vacuum, we can easily imagine its shape, as it comes with a canister to keep any debris inside. This canister is combined with a long cord, making it possible to carry it around to tidy anywhere in their house. There are many benefits to having one of these. With a large canister and strong suction power, this type of vacuum is the best choice for whenever you want to deeply clean a room or even your entire house. Especially, When it comes to cleaning dirty carpets, an upright canister vacuum is always the most suitable option.


Nowadays, these canisters are designed to be lighter so that you can easily move it with your two hands. Based on many best vacuum cleaners reviews, you can consider buying vacuums from Dyson and Eureka. These two brands now bring to the market the Best vacuum cleaner for home all over the world. However, when using this kind of vacuum, you may notice that the canister is usually behind you, so be careful, or else you may step on it and break it. Besides Cleaning the canister might end up being more of a chore than you’d expect, so be prepared whenever you open it. Moreover, even though it is upgraded to be lighter,it still seems quite heavy to some people.


2. Review about cordless stick vacuum


Now, let’s take a look at our cordless stick vacuum. How it works is also somehow demonstrated in its name. It doesn’t have a long cord like the upright one, so it is much easier to move around with one hand, and there is no need to worry about stepping on the canister. Because of this pro and its brush roll working so well, it’s seen as one of the best vacuum cleaners in many generations of customers. On the other hand, this type of vacuum’s suction is less powerful than the canister one. If you really prefer a stick vacuum, choose a product by Dyson or Bissell. It may be much better than other brands.


Finally, “What is a good vacuum cleaner?” is a question that should be answered through research and trial and error. Having got the answer on your own, consider our information above. It may help you in some ways. One final thing to remember is that the best product is the one that satisfies most of your standards. Be brave and choose the most suitable one for yourself. We always appreciate all of your comments below this post so we know your ideas on this topic.




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