10:45- 12:15 CEST
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Inclusive Research

During this interactive workshop you will get familiar with methods you can use to make research accessible to everyone, to include your target group in your research and to you make sure that your research results will benefit various subgroups of society. Next to their years of experience in doing inclusive research, Gera and Thomas use the knowledge and experience that they have gained from the research into inclusive research they conducted in collaboration with Maastricht University.

Workshop leaders
Gera Nagelhout is endowed professor in Health and Wellbeing of People with a Lower Socioeconomic Position at Maastricht University and Chief Science Officer of IVO Research Institute.

Thomas Martinelli works as a researcher at IVO Research Institute. He is an anthropologist and criminologist and currently he is completing his PhD research on recovery from drug addiction. In addition to his PhD research, he participates in all kinds of other studies among vulnerable populations.


Intersectionality in public health research

Are you interested in making your health research diversity-responsive? Do you want to know how intersectionality can contribute to a healthy society for everyone? In this workshop, we introduce the theoretical and methodological foundations of intersectionality theory. We illustrate why intersectionality is a useful framework to analyze health inequalities and inequities and explore what intersectionality theory could mean for you and your research. This interactive workshop is suitable for both qualitative and quantitative researchers.

Workshop leaders
Saskia Duijs and Maaike Muntinga are both affiliated at the Amsterdam UMC, department of Ethics, Law and Humanities, where they research and lecture on issues of diversity, equity and inclusion in health and health research.


Inclusive language and approaches to gender and sexually diverse patients in clinical practice 

Easy, accessible, and fun training for health care providers that want to learn how to comfortably talk to all patients during generalist and specialist consultations. Suited for GPS, medical specialists, and other health care providers.

Workshop leader
Maddalena Giacomozzi is a medical doctor at the Radboud Medical Center, feminist queer activist and president of Treat it Queer.


Diversity on the workfloor

Diverse groups perform better. Diverse groups are better at problem-solving. Diverse groups can think out of the box. Research has shown that all this is true.

That being said, diversity is also work. It is not only work to attain a diverse group. It is essential to mobilize differences in order to capitalize from the diversity in knowledge, experiences and viewpoints. And that means learning to work together not despite differences in gender, ethnicity, ability, religion, sexuality, personality, etc. but because of these differences. And that means having uncomfortable conversations, making yourself vulnerable and becoming aware of one’s own implicit biases.

In this workshop, you will learn about the benefits of working in a diverse team and about the necessity of inclusivity to harvest the full potential of a diverse group.

Workshop leader
Constance Sommery is Diversity Officer at Maastricht University. 


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