Workshop - The art of imperfection

  • How can I work on lowering my perfectionism?
  • In what areas am I a perfectionist?
  • How can I relax more?


Nobody likes making mistakes. But it's a completely different story if you want to do it all so perfectly, that you don't allow yourself any mistakes. In this online workshop, you’ll gain a greater awareness of perfectionistic habits and recognize where these help or hinder you. By creating an awareness of your habits and motivations, you can pave the way to find a better balance in life.


At the end of this workshop, you will be able to...

  • identify your perfectionistic behavior and contrast its benefits and disadvantages.
  • explain the relationship between perfectionism and the pursuit of unrelenting standards.
  • set specific goals to reduce the negative impact of perfectionism.


Opinions of other students on The art of imperfection:

  • “Very helpful overview for me”
  • “The activities and questions made most of the people share their thoughts and worries and I could relate to them”
  • “I liked that the trainer gave exercises that can also be done after the workshop and help in the future” 


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