Welcome to the registration website of 1•2•STARTUP. On this website you can register for the event this year. You can connect with us via 12startup@yesdelftstudents.nl or the 1•2•Startup Facebook page. 


1•2•STARTUP is a three day event in which students create and validate a start-up company, using your own idea or by joining someone else’s. During these three days the ideas will be pitched, after which you create a team, design your business plan and finally pitch the results for a jury of successful entrepreneurs, coaches and investors. The best business plan wins the change to implement their company within the YES!Delft coaching environment.

These intense 72 hours provide you with the opportunity to test your entrepreneurial skills in an extreme hands-on environment. You will work in a team consisting of students ranging from freshmen to freshly-minted PhDs, with diverse backgrounds.

The 1•2•STARTUP 2015 event will be organized on 5 - 7th of June by YES!Delft Students. It will take place in one of Europe's finest and most successful incubators: YES!Delft. There will also be a mandatory pre-event at the 15th of May where the groups will be formed.

If you are entrepreneurial minded, have a great idea and/or have a great skill-set, register now for the weekend! We would be delighted to see you in June.

General info

Dates: Pre-event: 15th of May 2015; Weekend: 5th – 7th June 2015
Registration deadline: 1st of May 2015
Max. number of participants: 50
Costs: €20 for the complete weekend. This includes coaching/activities/food/drinks/etc. Please note that this is NOT a registration fee, but only a small allowance for the selected participants.

participant registration
 participant registration