Coaches and Jury

Here you can find an overview of the coaches and jury members of the 1·2·STARTUP weekend. Do you want to get advise by this people? Sign in for the 1·2·STARTUP weekend

Bert Hubert | Owner of Netherlabs

Bert Hubert studied Physics in Delft (but dropped out halfway), was a board member of the VvTP study association & president of the Bedrijvendagen. He is the founder of PowerDNS.COM BV which powers around 30% of all internet domain names, which was recently sold to the German company Open-XChange. He was also the co-founder of Fox Replay BV, initially a part of Fox-IT in Delft but sold in 2011 to NetScout (NASDAQ: NTCT). He’s also a researcher at TU Delft, where he is involved with novel DNS sequencing & associated software.

In this presentation, Bert will outline some of his real life startup experiences. How ‘the geek inside you’ has to adjust to the worlds of marketing, other people’s marketing, hiring folks, procurement departments & sales. And sales people! After the ups & downs, the story moves to the end-game: the exit. If you want it or not, it is something you have to keep in mind. And decisions you make now can make any exit easy or very hard!


Henk Nijland | Director of Operations

Henk Nijland is the Director of Operations at Intermax. Intermax is a company with expertise in hosting and cloud computing. The company provides the complete architecture, realization and management of ICT infrastructures of companies.

The continuing goal of Intermax is to translate developments in the market for a service that perfectly fits the needs of our customers.

Henk Nijland will give an inspirational lecture at the 1-2-Startup weekend, don't miss it!


Paul van Riel | CEO of Fugro

This year the CEO of Fugro will join us again. Paul van Riel will give an inspirational lecture about entrepreneurship. He has a lot of experience in starting and leading a company.

In 1987 Paul van Riel founded, together with a classmate, the company Jason Geosystems. This company uses three-dimensional techniques to give an overview of the oil and gas in deep surfaces. In 2001 Jason Geosystems was taken over by Fugro.


Kees de Koning | Former CEO Fokker

Kees de Koning is the Technology Director at Nomads. Nomads is a creative innovation agency. It is transforming the way brands and organisations connect with and enable people. They create ideas that move people.

From 2001 till 2005 Kees de Koning was the President and Chief Executive Officer of Stork Aerospace Industries. He has a Masters degree in Aerospace Engineering from the TU Delft and served as a Director of Fokker. During the 1·2·STARTUP weekend he is a member of the pitch jury!


Keith Wallace | Investeerdersclub

Joining the 1·2·STARTUP as a member of the jury is Keith Wallace. He is an very experienced investor from the Investeerdersclub. The 1·2·STARTUP weekend will give you the chance to impress this investor with your own business pitch!


Robert Oei | NIBC

Another member of the pitch jury this year is Robert Oei. He has experience with rating business plans and equity investements and is a member of the investment team of NIBC.



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