OWee 2022


Dear soon-to-be student,


How exciting that you will be studying in Delft soon! Through this form you can sign up for the Delft Introduction Days (OWee) and the Freshmen Weekend (EJW) of your study. It is possible to sign up for only the OWee, only the Freshmen Weekend or both. There is no better way to start student life than joining these events! 


The physical introduction days will take place between Sunday the 21st and Thursday the 25th of August. The digital day will be held on the 17th of August. During the OWee you will experience everything Delft has to offer regarding studies, culture, sports and leisure, and you can also get to know all student- and sports associations. In addition you can get to know the city and the campus before the first term starts.


If you sign up for the OWee through this form and receive a confirmation mail, you will be guaranteed to be able to participate.


In case you have any questions, you can send an email to info@owee.nl. In urgent cases you can call 015-2786709. 


See you at the OWee! 


NoteThis form is only for international students who are going to study:

  • Applied Earth Sciences
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Nanobiology

For Dutch students and international students who speak Dutch, we would like to refer you to the Dutch registration form.


Disclaimer Media

During the OWee, pictures and videos will be taken. When using this material in publications it will be handled with care and integrity. Any pictures, video- and audio material will be mostly used for our website and social media platforms. In case you do no want material that features you to be published, you can contact the OWee Board to have it deleted.

Basic information 

Please fill in below on which address you would like to receive mail regarding the OWee and the Freshmen Weekend. 

Further information

Do you have different allergies or dietary restrictions? Please write them down below. Unfortunately we cannot take every allergy into account but we try to accomodate your wishes as much as possible. 

During the OWee, there will be a lot of walking. We recommend not participating in this part of the introduction days. In case you think you can find a solution, please contact info@owee.nl. We can then discuss if this solution will suffice and you can still participate in the physical introduction days. 

During the OWee, you will need a bicycle. You will need to provide this bicycle yourself. In the confirmation mail of this application form you will receive an overview of how you can get a bicycle.  


Considering that there are a limited number of OV bicycles (rentable with a public transport card) at Delft Central Station, we recommend getting a bicycle in Delft beforehand. You could borrow someone else's bicycle or get the bicycle you will use during your studies in Delft in time for the introduction days. 

If you are not capable of biking during the live OWee because of a (physical) disability, please contact us through info@owee.nl. We will try to help you find a suitable solution. 


For TU Delft Master's students there is a separate introduction event, the Introduction programme (IP). During this event you will also get to know the campus, the city, other Master's students, the TU Delft's study culture and the academic skills you will need during your studies. 

You are allowed to participate in the OWee as a master's student. However, you should keep in mind that the focus of the OWee is on freshmen, so the programme may not align with the needs of students who have progressed further in their university career. 

Because of our limited capacity we would like to give as as many freshmen as possible the opportunity to participate in the OWee.

This is why we would like to recommend second year students to apply as an OWee mentor, because we could really use your help. As a mentor you can still experience the OWee while also showing a new group of students everything Delft has to offer.

Keep an eye on our social media pages to be updated on when the applications for mentors open.

If you will be following a study that is given at two or more universities, and one of these universities includes TU Delft, you can fill in TU Delft at the previous question.  

If you have chosen this study, please fill in the Dutch form here!

Participation EJW

De volgende vragen worden gesteld namens de studievereniging van Bouwkunde, D.B.S.G. Stylos.

De volgende vragen worden gesteld namens Studievereniging van Electrical Engineering, de Electrotechnische Vereeniging.

De volgende vragen worden gesteld namens de studievereniging van Industrieel Ontwerpen, ID.

Life Science & Technology


Lieve aankomende eerstejaars LST’er,

Allereerst super leuk dat je gekozen hebt voor de mooiste studie van Delft en Leiden! Voor alle aankomende LST’ers wordt jaarlijks een introductieweekend georganiseerd waarvoor we je graag uitnodigen. Het weekend vindt van vrijdag 12 tot en met zondag 14 augustus plaats dus zorg in ieder geval dat je deze data vrij houdt zodat je niet alleen jouw jaargenoten, maar ook ouderejaars en de studievereniging leert kennen.


De kosten voor dit weekend zullen rond de €50,-  bedragen. In dit bedrag zijn uiteraard eten/drinken, overnachting en alle verdere activiteiten inbegrepen! Tijdens het weekend zullen we activiteiten en spellen doen waarbij je je jaargenoten goed leert kennen voordat jullie samen in de collegebanken terecht komen.


Schrijf je dus vooral in voor het weekend via deze link: https://svlife.nl/nl/formulieren/introductieweekend-sv-life


Mocht je nog vragen hebben kun je deze sturen naar introweekend@svlife.nl of ons een bericht sturen via onze instagram pagina @lst_introductieweekend. We hopen jullie te zien op het introductieweekend. 


Wil je (ook) de OWee lopen? Ga dan verder met dit formulier.

The following questions are asked on behalf of the study association of Aerospace Engineering, 'VSV Leonardo da Vinci'.

De volgende vragen worden gesteld namens de studievereniging van Maritieme Techniek, S.G. 'William Froude'.

The following questions are asked on behalf of the study association of Nanobiology, 'S.V.N.B. Hooke'.

De volgende vragen worden gesteld namens het bestuur van de studievereniging van Technische Bestuurskunde, S.V.T.B. Curius.

The following questions are asked on behalf of the study association of Computer Science Engineering, W.I.S.V. 'Christiaan Huygens'.

De volgende vragen worden gesteld namens W.I.S.V. 'Christiaan Huygens'. 

De volgende vragen worden gesteld namens de studievereniging van Technische Natuurkunde, de Vereniging voor Technische Physica.

De volgende vragen worden gesteld namens de studievereniging van Werktuigbouwkunde, 'Gezelschap Leeghwater'.

De volgende vragen worden gesteld namens de studievereniging van Werktuigbouwkunde, 'S.V. Impuls'.

De volgende vragen worden gesteld namens de studievereniging van Toegepaste Wiskunde, 'S.V. Fibonacci'.

De volgende vragen worden gesteld namens het bestuur van studievereniging van de groene studies, FMC.

Registration OWee

The OWee 2021 consists of a number of programme components, which are explained below:

Digital platform

When you register as a participant for the OWee, you get access to the digital OWee platform. Here you can discover everything about Delft student life during the summer holidays, in the form of videos, podcasts, interviews and much more!


Digital International Pre OWee (DIPO)


The DIPO is an event organized especially for international students coming to the Netherlands from abroad. It is held on the 20th of May and has no registration fee. Several important subjects will be discussed such as housing, insurance, Delft student life etc. If you're coming to study in Delft from abroad we recommend attending as it will give you a good overview of how to best prepare. Keep an eye on the website and our instagram page so that you don't miss any updates!

Digital (half) day


This day will take place on Wednesday 17 August. On this day, several people will give a talk, including the rector magnificus of the TU Delft, followed by a number of online events.


From 21-25 August the OWee will take place. The week is packed with fun activities to get to know all aspects of student life. Events are organized every day so that at the end of the week you are ready to start this new phase! 


Registration fee

The registration fee for the OWee is €90. This includes costs for overnight stay, food and activities. However, drinks can be consumed at the events themselves, for this you can buy coins later in the form or else at one of the coin machines on the site during the OWee. 


During the OWee, accommodation is provided in Delft. At the moment we are working on the possibility to spend the night in student houses; the sleep-inn houses. It is still uncertain whether this can continue due to guidelines from the municipality, but for now we would like to know if you would be interested in such an option. 


However, note that these houses are almost always Dutch student houses. It is up to you decide if you feel comfortable sleeping there. 


If you would rather not stay overnight in a student house, we also offer dormitories where you can spend the night during the OWee. You can indicate this below.


In this way they can get in touch with you if you can't find the house. This information is treated confidentially by your sleep-inn house.

Final Questions

During the OWee you can pay for consumptions with coins (rate: €8,75 for 5 coins). One drink costs one coin. In this form you can already buy coins in advance so that you don't have to queue during the OWee.

In order to prepare you even better for student life you can find some tips that may come in handy down below!

*In case your participation in the OWee is hindered by financial issues, we would like you to contact us through info@owee.nl.

€ 1.50

Total: € 1.50

event registration made easy
 event registration made easy