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California Transformation Challenge of the California Fitness & Yoga gym in Hanoi aims to bring the desired body shape to Vietnamese people. California fitness Hanoi price is considered as reasonable referring to its quality and efficiency. 

I - People who experienced the CTC

California Transformation Challenge (CTC) is one of the largest weight loss programs in Vietnam, aiming to help participants realize their fitness dreams. Over the years, the program has attracted great interest from the community.

Ms. Ngoc Yen - CTC 2020 champion, shared: "After 8 weeks of participating in CTC, I have lost 8.7 kg of fat, an unbelievable number. The people around me were completely surprised by this change and felt more motivated to work towards their goals. Without the coach's daily encouragement, I would not have achieved this result."

Many people think that the director of a sports center must have the perfect appearance. However, there was a time when Mr. Dane Fort - General Director of FLG Vietnam, the group that owns the California Fitness & Yoga brand - felt self-conscious because of his oversized appearance. You can experience the CTC to reach your goal with a reasonable California fitness Hanoi price

When he reached 168 kg with a body fat percentage of 52%, he knew it was high time to change to be more confident. “I did hormone and blood tests to find the most suitable exercise and nutrition program. Thanks to that, I knew that to achieve my weight loss goal without affecting my health and job performance, I needed to completely switch to a vegan diet, combining rest and appropriate eating at each stage.” said Mr. Dane.

At the moment, with a weight of 94 kg and only 6% fat, Mr. Dane continues to practice sports along with a scientifically designed diet specifically designed to maintain health, thereby constantly inspiring members and those around them.

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Held twice a year, CTC is known as a big playground, helping thousands of people regain their desired shape at a good California Fitness Hanoi price. Going through 24 seasons of CTC in 15 years, California Fitness & Yoga has accompanied more than 82,000 people to “blow" more than 316,000 kg of excess fat, equivalent to the weight of two Boeing 787 planes.

In particular, only in 2021, more than 20,000 people participated in changing themselves with California Fitness & Yoga, setting a Guinness world record. This is considered a great achievement in the history of Vietnamese bodybuilding, contributing to inspiring people to live healthy.

This achievement is thanks to a combination of scientific training methods and a tailored routine, with 24/7 supervision from a team of physical trainers (PTs) having international qualifications. Offering a variety of executive services, California Fitness gym in Hanoi is still maintained at the usual rate. 

II - California Fitness Hanoi price & 8 weeks challenge 



Specifically, when participating in CTC, participants will undergo 8 weeks of challenges to achieve the desired body shape. During this time, they will receive health advice, training plan and personal nutrition plan design. In addition, alternating between training sessions, members can participate in a number of special training sessions such as MMA self-defense, mountain climbing, trying out detox drinks, training in stretching exercises as well as kickfit classes to achieve maximum body transformation.

Dane Fort said: “Not only aiming to help attendees realize their dream appearance, California Fitness & Yoga also wants to improve the lifestyle and change the health of millions of Vietnamese people, particularly when Covid-19 makes us more aware of health care issues." 

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The same California Fitness Hanoi price in the 25th season, and the CTC Challenge will take place from March 12, 2022 to May 14, 2022. As part of the program, members experience rapid changes in body shape in 8 weeks. During this time, members practice with PT with a system of intensive exercises, combined with a diet designed for each individual.

Through the InBody index analysis system at the beginning, midterm and end of the program, the participants with the highest body transformation index will win one of the valuable prizes including: iPhone 13 Pro Max, became an Iconic member of California Fitness & Yoga for a year and a certificate of participation in the program. Moreover, the member with the most impressive results will receive an excursion to Son Doong cave worth up to 70 million VND.

“The CTC 2022 Body Shape Challenge” gives attendees the opportunity to win valuable prizes and win themselves. If you want to become a better version of yourself, you can join California Fitness & Yoga today. For detailed information about california fitness hanoi price, readers should approach the nearest California Fitness & Yoga gym in Hanoi, access the fan page or call the hotline 18006995.

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