The Future Envelope 15 ​​

Circularity Now!

28-May-2024 | Aula, TU Delft

Circularity Now!

FE15 will focus on the status quo of research related to circular building products but also on ways of accelerating and scaling up the transition.


Building products are the basic components of the built environment and thus central to the circular transition. In recent years, there is considerable research in materials, modes of design and manufacturing as well as new implementation protocols; however, circular practices fall short from becoming mainstream whilst circular implementation is further compromised by phenomena of greenwashing.


# What should be the industry’s circular targets for the upcoming years?

# And how are we going to achieve them?




Location TU Delft, Aula Congress Centre, Mekelweg 56, 2628 CC Delft


Future Envelope is organised by the Architectural Façade & Products Research Group, TU Delft in cooperation with the European Façade Network.




TU Delft Aula Congress Centre

Mekelweg 5

2628 CC


The Netherlands