LINX & Synoptics Technology Workshop Delft May 2024​​​​

07&08 May 2024 | Van der Valk Hotel Delft


SYNOPTICS is a TTW- Perspectief research program, funded by NWO,  running from 2020-2025 with the aim to use all properties of light (amplitude, phase, polarization, and wavelength) to achieve the ultimate performance in imaging and sensing in diverse applications. Six universities are taking part in the research (TUD, UU, RUN, UT, UL, TUE) and there are 15 industrial users.

Within the Synoptic Optics Programme, researchers develop methods to analyze all properties of the light to extract as much information as possible in research setups and industrial applications. Progress has been pursued in six areas: Dual comb coherent imaging, using newly developed dual frequency comb sources in combination with heterodyne detection to open up pathways of spectroscopy, metrology and imaging, using coherent light with many frequencies in parallel,   Multiscale particle detection for contamination analysis in  semicon industries, Subwavelength 3D imaging for IC inspection, Computational Imaging, making use of the normally undesired processes of scattering and aberrations to uncover depth information in images, Compressed sensing in spectrometry and spectropolarimetry for atmospheric sensing of pollution, as well as spectral methods for sensing flow in particle dispersions. These diverse methods share the approach of using of advanced light sources, detectors, and algorithms to optimize the information content in any measurement.

Programme leader

Prof. Paul Urbach (Delft University of Technology)


Airbus, Bronkhorst, Cosine, Delft University of Technology, Demcon, Eindhoven University of Technology, Grass Valley, Holoeye, Holst Centre, Leiden University, Lionix, MenloSystems, Nexperia, Radboud University, Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute, Settels Savenije, Sioux, TNO, University of Twente, Utrecht University, VDL, VSL


(Lensless Imaging of 3D Nanostructures with Soft X-Rays)

LINX - Scope

Lensless imaging with soft X-rays (SXR) generates two major opportunities for the hightech industry: 3D imaging of nanostructures in semiconductor manufacturing, and advanced X-ray tools for analysis of surfaces and materials for solar cells and hydrogen storage. The technology of integrated circuits (ICs) is ubiquitous in today’s connected world with its smartphones and tablets. “The Internet of Things” is the current digital revolution, rendering our homes, cars, and cities “smart”. The explosive need for ICs has to go hand-in-hand with production at low cost and high yield, so that next-generation electronic devices remain affordable, in the true spirit of Moore’s law. Shrinking dimensions and increasing 3D complexity of IC architectures necessitate well-controlled manufacturing with dedicated metrology at high lateral resolution and appropriate penetration depth.  Within this LINX Program, we have addressed these challenges via the route of lensless imaging, also known as ptychography, which enables to image nanostructures in future generation of chips based on the measurement of a number of far-field diffraction patterns. See the header “Workshop LINX Information” for more details about this technology, and the topics that will be addressed during the workshop.

Programme leaders

Prof. Dr. W.M.J Coene & Prof. dr. H.P. Urbach, Delft University of Technology


P1: HHG-Sources for SXR-Ptychography - prof. dr. K.J. Boller, Universiteit Twente

P2: Measurement Concepts - prof. dr. H.P. Urbach, Technische Universiteit Delft 

P3: Sub-wavelength resolution Lensless Imaging Algorithms and Tests - prof. dr. A.P. Mosk, Univ. Utrecht 

P4: Lensless soft-X-ray metrology with high-harmonic sources - dr. S. Witte, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam 

P5: Applications - prof. dr. H.P. Urbach, Technische Universiteit Delft 

LINX Industrial Users

ASML, TNO, Active Fiber Systems GmbH (AFS), Malvern-Panalytical, Coherent Inc., VSL

LINX Academic Partners

Delft University of Technology, Utrecht University, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, University of Twente, Eindhoven University of Technology

Our workshop will be organized as a single session where the topics of both our programs LINX & Synoptics will be interleaved.

On top of that, we schedule a couple of key-presentations by invited speakers.



Van der Valk Hotel Delft A4

Peuldreef 3

2635 BX Den Hoorn

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