Lunch Lecture

AI-powered ECG wearable classifier

15-feb-2024 | EEMCS Lecture Hall Boole

About the event

Health Month EEMCS Lunch Lecture Series

During the February Health Month within TU Delft several EEMCS researchers will give lunch lectures on the health research we do within the faculty, and will showcase their incredible work within patient-oriented technological healthcare.

Are you a MSc or PhD student, or a researcher, and interested in making an impact on healthcare with your work? Join one or more of these interesting lectures to discover how we work to tackle a variety of challenges in the domain of health and wellbeing.

Abstract Lecture on Lecture on AI-powered ECG wearable classifier by Rajendra Bishnoi

Automated ECG interpretation is the use of artificial intelligence and pattern recognition software and knowledge bases to carry out automatically the interpretation, test reporting, and computer-aided diagnosis of electrocardiogram tracings obtained from a patient. Researcher Rajendra Bishnoi is working on a wearable version of the AI-powered ECG classifier. Join this interesting lecture on AI automated classification of ECG data that helps to diagnose patients, before physicians can personally investigate.

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