About the event

Based on what kind of values can you make choices in algorithms? How do you weigh the consequences of these choices?

Discover how ethical and moral values, such as justice, can be integrated in AI.

Together with Delft Digital Ethics Centre, the Delft Design for Values Institute organizes a workshop with Algorithm Audit. This independent non-profit organization audits algorithms, implements technical tooling and wants to serve as a knowledge platform on the responsible use of algorithms.

The workshop will be focused around an actual case that Algorithm Audit worked on. The case that Algorithm Audit will bring is on algorithmic design choices for risky consumer classification in a car sharing platform.

They are actively looking for the perspectives of the academic community on their work. The workshop will be highly interactive. After an introduction, participants will split in groups lead by moderators to work together on questions and dilemmas. The workshop will end with a summary of the discussions.

Everyone is welcome to signup! There will be no lunch, but some morning snacks. Since it is a highly interactive workshop, there is limited space. If we receive a lot of registrations, we have the possibility to select the participants in order to ensure a diverse audience.

This workshop is part of the Annual Theme of Design for Justice of the Delft Design for Values Institute.


Mondai House of AI

Molengraaffsingel 8

Delft 2629 JD