About the event​​​​​​​​​​​

The Delft Design for Values Institute invites you to the Share Fair: Design for Justice!

This event will share knowledge, networks, perspectives, insights on the subject of Design and Justice. Be prepared for an inspiring day with talks from practitioners, academics, interactive workshops and the finale of the thesis awards.

The Design for Values Institute has selected the value Justice for the Annual Theme of 2023-2024 and this will be the closing event of the theme.

Why Justice?

While safety, sustainability, and privacy receive ample attention in the design process, the value of justice has been somewhat neglected. The value of justice is about being fair to all, about the just distribution of benefits and harms, but also about just procedures and recognizing and overcoming existing injustices in society. It might also require restoring the detrimental effects of past injustices.

Justice is essential to consider in design, especially given the increasing complexity of technological systems related to societal issues like energy transition, urban planning, and artificial intelligence. That’s why the Design for Values institute at the Delft University of Technology has chosen design for justice as its annual theme, to raise awareness and provide guidance for integrating justice-related questions into design processes.

A focus on justice creates a more inclusive and fair approach, taking the interests of all stakeholders seriously. From an ethical and societal perspective, you increase the development of products that have a positive impact on society. Simultaneously, research shows that technology has a greater chance of success when it is aligned with societal values. Just design not only increases acceptability but also the likelihood of technology being actively used.

In the pursuit of just design, the Design for Values Institute is a pioneer, actively involved in creating awareness, providing guidance, and fostering a dialogue on justice in technological design. The institute aims to fundamentally change how we understand and accept technology, resulting in a more just and inclusive society. This event serves as a stepping stone to bring these discussions forward.


NOTE: More details will follow. The exact program can change.


Lijm & Cultuur

Rotterdamseweg 272

2628 AT


Accessible via public transport with bus stop Delft, Cornelis Drebbelweg or by car (parking place at location)