Opening 5G testing facility at Robohouse​​​​​​​

Dear guest,

With great pleasure we invite you to the opening of our next private 5G facility!

In the past years, we have installed and opened several private 5G facilities – on campus and in other partner fieldlabs; offering scientists, entrepreneurs, and government organisations the opportunity to experiment together. 

We are very pleased to open a new 5G network at Robohouse: the TU Delft robotics fieldlab that creates solutions for the future of work. This 5G network offers multiple opportunities for companies in the horticulture sector to develop and test their custom-made digital applications. Additionally, entrepreneurs are welcome to experiment with sensor-based technologies, not just limited to the greenhouse industry. Robohouse, with a vibrant robotics community, is an ideal place for interaction and collaboration. 

Join us in opening this brand-new facility!