Opening new lab of department Cognitive Robotics​​​

17-Apr-2024 | ME Hall F West


The festive opening of this brand new and versatile robotics lab will be on April 17, 2024 from 14:30 – 16:30. There will be an official opening by Fred van Keulen, dean of ME, and you’ll have the opportunity to experience what your colleagues from Cognitive Robotics (CoR) have been and will be working on.


The  demonstrations will include:

  1. Mobile robotics lab (drones & ground robots)

  2. Self-driving car with 3D perception

  3. Driving simulator to investigate comfort and motion sickness in self-driving vehicles

  4. Robot arm lab for agriculture

  5. Soft robotic lab for medical and agriculture applications

  6. Telerobotics lab for complex remote operation

  7. Rehabilitation lab for robots assisting patients

  8. Haptic lab investigating tactile feedback in robot and remote operation