Delft Design Debate #1: Design & Identity


Date: Thursday 30 May, 15:45 – 18:30
Location: X Theatre Hall 

Self-reflection is familiar territory for designers. But while we may understand our individual design interests, how well do we understand our identity as a collective? In a world in which design is everywhere and its potential is ever expanding, how do we see the role of IDE – the biggest and broadest design faculty in the world?  In this - the first in a series of Delft Design Debates initiated by IDE’s Research Council - we will consider the nature of identity for our subject, our faculty, and our people. 

With inspiring speakers from the world of design and beyond, followed by a thought-provoking discussion about IDE’s position as it relates to the world around us, you are warmly invited to join the debate! 



15:45: Arrive at X, TU Delft Campus

16:00: Presentations and World Café* debate in Theatre Hall, X

17:30: Drinks and informal discussions

18:30: Close


*The World Café method offers you the chance to participate in relaxed and open conversations in café ambiance.  You can expect to join a small table group to debate a statement and move between tables in multiple rounds of discussions.


Further details about speakers to be announced.